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The Jesus Emoticon (#jammed daily devo, day 228)

August 16, 2017

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August #jammed: Reflecting on Grace.

Day 228: The funny One.

 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. ” Galatians 6:7August 16

In the age where digital communication trumps verbal, we use emojis to show people how we feel. There are universal emojis that we all relate to. They break language barriers! Who would have thought? A smile is a smile …and a smiling piece of poop seems to be funny no matter where in the world we call home.

Knowing God’s hand is in everything, I googled “Jesus emoticon” one day …and sure enough, someone else had thought of it, too. There He was, with hearts in His eyes and a great big, welcoming smile.

When I first read today’s verse, I thought maybe God was busting me out for my Jesus emoji use. I’m sure people do use that emoji to mock Him, but I use it because it’s truly how I feel. And the youth that I lead think it’s hilarious because they relate to life through emojis …and this one is spot on how we all feel when we meet together. Like Jesus is there. With hearts in His eyes and a big smile on His face.

A Friend.

Be certain that God knows who intends to mock Him. He sees through everyone’s show, and every intention. But He also knows the hearts of those who intend endearing praise. 

Yet they do but deceive themselves if they think to impose upon God, who is perfectly acquainted with their hearts as well as actions. Matthew Henry’s Commentary

Authenticity is not perfection.He already knows who we really are, and when we relax into the reality that we need to hand over our issues to Him, we become more authentic people.

Hypocrisy in religion is the greatest folly as well as wickedness, since the God we have to do with can easily see through all our disguises. Matthew Henry’s Commentary

Jesus came to earth to be authentic, and allow us to live in the same way, too. He’s perfect. We’re not. No one is suprised by that. And it’s OK. When we aim to be authentic while we walk with Christ, God honors our efforts.

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Father, Praise You for perfect love. The love that we feel when we know Christ. When we know You. Thank You for being present among us when we gather together to seek You. Forgive us for neglecting to be real with the world about Whose we are, and strengthen us, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, to be know as humble servants saved by Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Happy Emojis!


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