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Stay-at-home moms, I see you. I am you. Work from home moms, I see you, too. I am you, too. Full schedules don't always mean fulfilled lives. In our rush to strive and achieve, we often end up feeling lonely and overwhelmed. Many of us are intimidated by Scripture, and don't know how to look to God's Word in teh Bible to find encouragement, compassion, instruction, and wisdom. But connection is the key to joy.
Connecting to God, through Christ, in the Bible and in prayer allows us to walk into our everyday lives armed and ready to seize the joy in each one. 

Connection is the key to living a joyful life.

Feeling isolated and overwhelmed?

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 The Word of God is alive, active, and relevant to our everyday lives! These simple Bible studies help you get connected.


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Each book has been written in search of a joy-filled life. From friendship, to finding purpose, connect to joy here.


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It's my heart, poured into words, and all God has taught me through it. Laugh, cry, learn, grow ...and feel connected. 

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7 Quick prayers to keep you connected.

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It began with a nap time blogpost in 2011. I have shared the dearest and most tender places of my heart over the last decade, journeying through motherhood, marriage, life, friendship, ministry, love, and the pursuit of something bigger than this world: Jesus. One obedient step to start a blog led to freelance writing, leading and teaching Bible study, and writing books!! Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about joy. God’s hand has been upon all of this, layering His love into the different seasons of my life, bringing me to better understanding of what it means to be joyful .and joy-filled. Life within the love of Christ Jesus means our joy never fades, whether we are walking through happy and healthy seasons, or sad and sick seasons. Joy is powerful, and transformative.

God has placed a passion in my heart to connect the Word of God to everyday life. There is joy …overflowing …in the journey …let’s seek it and celebrate it together! 

“Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.” Psalm 126:5 NLT

Mom - friend - Author - Bible Study Teacher - Encourager - 

You have found joy here!

you are not alone, momma!

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"Meg is a gifted writer and faithful follower of Christ whose perspectives on friendship, through the lens of Christianity, are shared through this inspiring read."

This book came at a time in my life when things were shattered. Friends that I thought would be around forever were gone, relationships were broken, the future was uncertain. This book took me back to a place I needed to be. With Jesus. And taught me what friendship really is.

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Life is like that at times. Unfair and uncomfortable. We count on certain things to go a certain way. My tween daughters don’t need me to throw a rain poncho over their every problem. Tweens need to know it’s normal to get caught in the rain sometimes.

Distorted Expectations

There are everyday moments we avoid to help people who are being isolated, picked on, and left out. Wearing an inspiring t-shirt is a wonderful reminder, but are we brave enough to leave our comfort zones in pivotal moments?We can’t help a hurting soul if we don’t make a radical move.

Make a Radical Move.

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