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"Meg pulls in scripture as well as anecdotes from her own life to show us how we are called to be like Christ in becoming Friends With Everyone."
-S. Hartley

"Meg is a gifted writer and faithful follower of Christ."

"She gives so many biblical examples and verses that help us learn how to be good friends and reminds how much God cares about friendship and has a hand in ours. Such a reminder to seek the Lord first, to pray for new and current friendships, and to trust Him in all of our relationships, knowing he has placed people in our lives for a reason." - Katy K.

"Meg has written a book on a topic that is near and dear to so many hearts-"our friendships. "

"Friends that I thought would be around forever were gone, relationships were broken, the future was uncertain. This book took me back to a place I needed to be. With Jesus. And taught me what friendship really is." Kelly V.

"This book came at a time in my life when things were shattered."