Meet Meg!

Sunny&80 started with occasional nap-time posts to remember the funny things my little kids said and did, and along the way, re-ignited my passion for writing. In this space, I share the dearest and most tender places of my heart so that we can journey together as a supportive community through motherhood, marriage, life, friendship, ministry, love, and the pursuit of something bigger than this world: Jesus. Even though I’ve moved to my new site, Joy Overflowing, I just didn’t have the heart to let go of this one. There are so many memories here!

The short and skinny about me …The people who know me the best call me “Megs.” I’m a #2 on the Enneagram and a Highly Sensitive Extrovert. I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, OH …go BBHHS Bees! A miler and cross-country runner, I officially surrendered my life to Jesus Christ freshman year during a collegiate XC practice at Ashland University. I graduated with a bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Public Relations.

Jim and I were married in 2007. We live in a small lake town in Northern Ohio with our two daughters, Brianne and Lauren (Lo Lo), and our crazy golden doodle, Cherry. An author, freelance writer, Bible Study leader, and now Editor …alongside full-time motherhood and volunteer ministry, keep me blessedly busy with a life bigger than I asked for …could have imagined …and can sometimes handle! LOL

Thank you for becoming a part of my village. Write me anytime! And join me over at my new online home, Joy Overflowing!

Happy Reading and Glory Up.