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“Jammed” is a nautical term, meaning to head a sailing ship as nearly as possible into the wind without putting in ‘in stays’ (shaking the sails). -Dictionary.com

Old Mother Erie, on whose shoreline I reside and youth spent navigating, can be a sheet of glass one hour and roaring milkshake the next.  Even captains that keep their eye to the sky have been chopped and rolled by her luke-822-25unpredictable nature.

Recall Jesus on a boat with His apostles during a storm. They panicked while He slept. They feared for their lives, but the Savior of the world was onboard.

As Christians, we’re called to pull on the rain gear, plant our feet, and weather the storm. But never alone.  Jesus came to save us. God left His Word to equip us.

Who’s standing at the helm of your ship?

“Where is your faith?”

Be encouraged! Life exudes joy when our hearts are rigged with the peace of Jesus. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do here each day. When our Savior navigates, we can brave any wave.

Happy Sailing!




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