“Recall 12” Scripture Memory Series


“Ok, spell …then…” I baited my first grader.

“T-H-E-N,” she proudly retorted, and on we drove to school through all ten spelling words, robust words, and whatever other category of words that needed to be programmed into her brain this week..

Juggling a hot cup of coffee, the steering wheel, and homework papers,  I drifted down the road to the tune of Jingle Cats and spelling words.

“Mem….or….is….”she said with a questionable tone that meant it was time for me to chime in.

“Memorize,” I corrected, “and what does ‘memorize’ mean?”

“I don’t know…” she stated flatly, but she knows more that she lets on. By the end of the week, she will have memorized a whole new bunch of words to add to her budding vocabulary. And they stick. It reminded me of what God has been speaking to me:

“Learn them.” Deuteronomy 5:1


Sigh… That’s how I felt when I gazed at those great words Moses spoke to the people of Israel about God’s laws and instructions.

I know God’s Word. I love God’s Word. But, I do not memorize God’s Word. I try. I resolve to every year. Yet here I always am, the girl who has to run and get the book she just read that in, or look up yesterday’s devotion to remember what verse that was.

The most frustrating conversations are those in which my daughters or a friend is in need of some divine encouragement, am I’m left mumbling something about “it says somewhere in one of the gospels that…” or “I can’t remember exactly where but the Bible promises this but I know God says that…”

Anyone out there relate?

Even though I’m aloof most of the time, I know that the joy of God’s Word in my heart and Jesus in my life is evident as God wills it to be. Yet, I still feel convicted to have more truth ready on the top of my tongue. After all, if it wasn’t important, God wouldn’t have written it down.

fullsizeoutput_4c3eMy proactive approach to checking this resolution off the list in 2017 is a new blog series,
#recall12. Just one verse a month, and hopefully a cumulative of twelve by the end of the year. Seems reasonable, right?

Memory Tool #1: Post it where you can see it, and when you see it, say it. Click to the left for a free printable memory tool with our first verse: “Learn them.” Deut.5:1

Join me here each month as I introduce one  new verse to memorize …images we can print and share, interesting background and history, and real-life applicable inspiration.

I know we’ll be able to do this. Are you with me? Please be with me …because I  need someone to hold me accountable!

See you on the blog!

Happy recall -ing!


Click here for free printable verse memory cards.

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