The Friend Book

“Friends with Everyone …Friendship Within the Love of Christ,” by Meg Bucher.

“Friending” is so easy on the surface level, but how do we really know who are friends are? “Friends with everyone” became a mantra I was known for, yet I discovered that my lack of boundaries often led to a struggle in maintaining longstanding friendships.

Healthy friendships start with knowing who we are in Christ, and acknowledging His definition of friendship. By tuning into His voice above all others, we are free to embrace the broad scope of people God brings into our lives as a part of His bigger plan. Through the example Jesus walked out on this earth, we learn to loft love above all else in our lives, and our friendships, by adopting a servant-minded perspective. In order to be friends with anyone, we have to be open to the possibility of being friends with everyone.

Even in the midst of hard to forgive messes and irreconcilable differences, God is growing our hearts through the people He places along our paths.  Through this message, we will learn how God defines friendship, and adopt Biblically sound tools to attain, maintain, and retain friendships by His standards. We will learn how to embrace Christ’s friendship first and foremost, and discover that friendship isn’t as much about us as we often assume. Let’s allow God to flip our focus so His love flows freely into our hearts and out of our lives.

Happy Friend-ing!!!

Happy Reading! Megs

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