Babbling Lo…

January 11, 2012

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Meet Meg

I’m a huge babbler, fully aware that I talk way to much…most of the time at a volume uncomfortable to most…and have to consciously stop myself from interrupting people because my brain interjects with conversational jargon to the max.  My laugh was and still remains to be how most know, or remember, me by…or how they know I”m in the general vicinity.  Also, very loud.  So, I know my two daughters are going to be loud and talkative.  It’s awesome, because they are just like me in that regard, and it’s cool…accept that I can’t get a word in, sometimes!


Lo Lo, my youngest, is full of 18 month old cuteness right now.  I don’t know about the rest of you parents out there, but I know for a fact that my second daughter exists because of how cute the first one was at 18 months.  Whether it’s running through the house full speed on her tip toes with her single top-of-the-head pony tail bouncing around, or listening to her babble to herself amidst a book bomb in the middle of her bedroom floor, the kid has my heart-string wrapped around her finger.  She’s still so fascinated with what I have to say, too.  And when she protests…it’s with a cute little smile.  I’ll take her drawn out little  ‘No000uuu,” with a head tilted smile any day over her older sister’s screeching…foot-stomping…door-slamming ‘NO!’  Although funny for different reasons, I could live with a few less of those kind of ‘No’s.’

Ah, the fascinating cuteness of an 18-month-old.  When she babbles, everyone wishes to know what she’s saying.  It’s so cute.  I’m not sure it extends past our family…but we could watch her for hours and laugh our butts off.   Lo knows she the star of the show right now, and she’s so stinking fun that even her big sister doesn’t mind lending her the spotlight.  They seriously bonded as sisters over Christmas break this year.  There are plenty of moments when Lo comes crying to Mommy because Brianne has shut her door to play ‘big girl’ stuff.  But, right now the first thing Brianne does when she wakes up is ask to get Lo up.  Being the impatient 3 year old that she is, poor Lo is down on naptime right now because big sister wakes her up whenever she feels like it.  “Lo wanted to wake up and play with me, Mom!”  Yikes.

The best is listening to them talk to each other at the dinner table.  I have know idea what they are talking about, but I love to walk out of the room and act like I’m not listening so I can hear them cracking up together.  I know big sister’s are assumed to be the ones that teach the younger siblings.  But you’d be surprised what the older ones learn from the younger ones.  Brianne has to be patient while Lo catches up.  So, instead of getting frustrated, she sits at the table and teaches Lo animal sounds…and laughs with her when she get’s one wrong.

Could it be possible that all the concern I’ve been dwelling over with Brianne not listening is being cracked by her little sister?  Yep.  It sure is.  Live and let live, I tell ya.  Let things just be, sometimes.  Stop running them around shopping and give them a chance to play at home together in constructive toy bombs and look what you get…two little best buds chumming around the house together…play ‘Barbies-a-barbies-a-barbies-a-barbies….’ as Lo babbles.

It’s awesome that they’re getting along.  And I love the cute little babbles…but I can’t help but get the feeling they are already coding their conversations…mom-proofing their jargon so I don’t know what they are up to.  Too soon?  I guess with 2 girls 2 years a part it’s never too soon to start trying to crack the code.  I’m going to have to bug the house someday with these two…no boys allowed…where’s that book…they need to start memorizing it…

Happy Babbling…


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