June 6, 2012

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Aware that I say it over and over, I’m still going to say it again.  My kids remind me that the small stuff is the best stuff.  Most recent reminder?  The Butterfly House on Mackinac Island.

I truly expected it to be some ‘Chevy Chase Ball of Twine’ stop to kill time while the horses pulling us along on our carriage tour rested.  Instead, I was as filled with fascination as my kids were.  Apparently, it’s ‘good luck’ if a butterfly lands on you.  Flitting and fleeting all around us, my little girls smiles were as huge as I’ve seen them as they danced around with the butterflies.

Brianne, 4, was in awe of the girl that worked at the Butterfly House.  She had a huge butterfly tucked just inside her shirt…’napping’, as she explained to my curious toddler.  She taught her how to put her hand out so they’d crawl on for a ride, and put some in her hands so that she could hold them.  In true toddler fashion, Bri spent the rest of the time chasing the butterflies out of every plant and hiding spot possible trying to get them to leap onto her tiny hand, becoming frustrated that they didn’t want to leave their dinner as she shoved her hand in their face.

All the while, my two year old, Lo, is absolutely freaking out.  I witnessed her follow one butterfly around until she made herself dizzy and lost sight of it.  “Aaaaaaa-wwwwww!  Where butterfly go?”

She is at that age where everything simply amazes her, and butterflies took her over the top.

“Butterflies, MOM!!!!!  Butterflies, MOM!  Butterflies, DAD!  Butterflies, BEE (Bri)!” she exclaimed over and over again.


Hundreds of butterflies, beautifully wafting through the air, spreading their magical ‘landing luck’ upon us.  Luck, to me, is more of a direct blessing, and I truly did feel blessed.  Right in that moment.  Coincidentally, we were the only ones in the little greenhouse at the time.  It felt like God, Himself, just pulled our little family aside for a moment…snapped us out of our rush to see and do it all on vacation…and allowed us a brief moment of sanctuary.

On the way out, Brianne got some mini butterflies in the gift shop.  The largest one has made a home tucked just inside her shirt, ‘napping.’  Amazing how the little moments, short in time and scope, are often the ones that produce the largest impact.  Toddlers are especially in tune with these moments because they are often on their level, and aren’t afraid to express exactly how it’s affected them.  That’s why I’ll keep repeating….over and over…how thankful I am that the small stuff is the best stuff.

Happy Butterfly Chasing…


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  1. Emmett T says:

    This is a great posst thanks

  2. Emmett T says:

    This is a great posst thanks