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The Book Fair (#jammed daily devo, day 179)

June 28, 2017

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Available on Amazon.

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June #jammed: Under the Blanket of Grace.

Day 179: Wise choices.

Careful words make for a careful life.” Proverbs 13:3 (Message)June 28

“Do not get a toy.” I sternly stared into my six-year-old’s eyes as I slid her book fair money into her folder.

“What about books that come with a toy….” she plotted and ployed in search of the perimeters of her choices.

“Lauren.” That was the last warned tone I advised her with before zipping up her book bag and kissing her ‘bye’ for the day.

After days of begging me for a specific book that ‘needed’ to be squeezed onto her overcrowded book shelf, fresh possibilities were creeping into her mind along with the ten dollar bill swimming around in her backpack. She was preparing me for a decision she might make, and fishing around to find out what would happen …

Today’s verse reminds us of the careful choices we must make with our words. We are all prone to take our emotion out on those around us instead of looking inward reflectively, and upward prayerfully before we speak. Words are a preface to action.

Those that say anything they want to are often prepared to justify actions, as well. “Those who are the loudest are not the most loyal.” Steven Furtick. The ones who let fear swallow their words often allow themselves to be pulled into situations and conversations that make them feel uncomfortable.

The only way to find middle-ground is through Christ. Jesus came to give the perfect example of when to speak and what Truth to stand on. The Holy Spirit is upon us when we walk with Christ, and it is through His power that we are able to control our tongue or exert the courage to speak up. Through moments of prayer He helps us interpret what’s appropriate to say …or not say.

Bounding out of school and down the sidewalk adjacent to the pick-up line, in her purple ruffled coat and Chewbacca book bag, wearing the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her face …came my daughter with her spoils from the book fair. A giant, purple cat poster that said “Mermaid at Heart.”

We never talked about a poster. She didn’t ask, and I didn’t say no.

“Don’t worry, Mom!” she assured me …“it was the same price as my book…”

Be still my heart.

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Father, Praise You for the humorous way in which You teach us life lessons. Thank You for my little Lo’s sparkling spirit, and for the reminder to choose my words carefully. Forgive us for letting our words, or lack thereof, take center-stage, and grant us the peace and guidance of Your Spirit to help us know what to say and when to say it. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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