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The Second Times. (#jammed daily devo, day 312)

November 8, 2017

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November #jammed: Gracious.

Day 312: Thankful for forgiveness …

“A wife should stay by her husband’s side all of his life.” 1 Corinthians 7:39

Divorce is a paralyzing subject for many Christians. Beyond our understanding, 312
even Christians go through divorce. It’s something the Bible tells us very clearly is wrong, and that unfortunately alienates many of us that wear that label.

Today’s verse is the heart string of hope that all married couples hold onto when they say “I do.” Most of us are in sound mind and proper judgement when those two words come our of our mouths. Fully intending to, and excited about keeping that promise to death do us part.

Why, then, do so many of us part ways before then?

There are consequences to every sin that we have to live through in this life, and divorce is no different. The criticism alone, is torture. The gossip, the unwanted opinions, and character defeating blows that follow an announcement of divorce are tough to survive.  It’s a hard reality to face, but not the death of us. Only one voice has the power to proclaim that we’re finished …and He’s chosen forgiveness instead.

When we believe in Christ and we confess our sins we are forgiven. There are no parenthesis following the verse that state “(unless you are divorced …especially on account of adultery …)” That is NOT God. I know. That is people being people …fickle and judgmental. The human race suffers from irreparable jealousy and comparison. For all sins to be forgiven equally sounds like crazy-talk to most. But not for those who know Him.

Divorced Christians, God loves you just as much now as He did before. You are not cast out of His sight, and your life is not worthless. Jesus took on that cross, knowing what would happen to our marriages. He knew the scandal, deceit, and dissension that we were capable of carrying out long before we were born. He knew the injustice and the pain that we would innocently endure in the deepest places of our hearts. His death was for all.

The most important thing we can do as divorced Christians is assure the world that He loves us, too. Mistakes and all. Failures and all. He loves us just as much as those who celebrate silver and gold anniversaries. Lift your heads up to Him, and know that there is nothing we can do on this earth to thwart His purpose for our lives. Nothing surprises Him …nor deters His love. Keep following Jesus over the bumps in life’s road. Our God is a God of second chances.

jammed-click-to-tweetFather,  Praise You for forgiveness and for marriage. Thank You for those of us who have received a second chance at marriage after divorce. Bless us and strengthen us to follow Your Son’s steps, and honor You in with our lives. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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