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The Next Turn (#jammed daily devo, day 197)

July 16, 2017

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July #jammed: Grace serves.

Day 197: What’s next.

” So now who will lead us…?” Judges 1:1July 16

“How did I miss that?!” I laughed, knowing my tendency to overlook HUGE details …like the fact that my passport had not expired before sending in my request to renew it. I filled out the rest of my mission application, scanned it, and sent it off. I could feel the excitement … the ‘meant to be’-ness of it all. My dream was finally coming true. I was going to Africa! Until … I discovered ten minutes later that the next trip conflicted with the dance recital dates that I had triple checked.

“Now what?” In a swing of twenty minutes, my hopes were realized …and then deferred.

Today’s verse tells of God’s people looking for their “now what?” Moses passed leadership to Joshua, so after Joshua’s death, the people naturally looked for the next leader that God would provide. The book of Judges records an in-between era, before the first king of Israel was chosen. In that time, God’s people were dealt judgement for their disobedience, and deliverance from invasion.

The promised land was in disarray. How could they have let that happen?

The story of God’s people is one of what not to do with hope deferred. Let’s not fill in our own answers when God is quiet. To remain faithful and hopeful and know that He’s got the best plan, and that all of steps in it are equally as important. I will prepare, and follow, and serve until it’s my turn to go …to Africa. I think sometimes, He checks our hearts for the ready and willingness to go when He says it’s time.

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Father, Praise You for missions! Thank You for the opportunities we have to serve and love Your people around the world. Forgive us for becoming frustrated with hopes deferred and trips delayed. Help us to trust You and hear Your voice louder than all others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

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