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The Pockets (#jammed daily devo, day 275)

October 2, 2017

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October #jammed: Free Grace.

Day 275: Deep within the resistance.

I would not come to you if I were hungry,
    for the world and all it contains are Mine.” Psalm 50:12

Stickers adorn the inside of my dryer on account of what stays inside the pockets that areday 275 spun clean and dry. Gum, pens, money, tissues, jelly beans, lego bricks …our dryer can testify by lint trap all that has been released from our pockets by it’s twisting heat.

Today’s verse reminds us that even the unseen and forgotten stuff in our pockets belongs to the Lord. All of the earth and everything in it. Every person, every dust ball, every shed piece of fur and growing blade of grass. All lies within His omnipotently creative and compassionate reach.

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.
    The world and all its people belong to him.- Psalm 24:1

We need not worry about our God. He’s in control, and He tells us not to worry. The stuff we jam into the pockets of our souls is common knowledge to Him. Our Father is well aware of what no else knows. There’s no way and no need to hide from Him. Our Redeemer recovers the fractured pieces we lose and hide, and gives new life to us each day.

There’s no part of us He wishes to cast aside, because He is perfect Love. Christ came so that of us would be lost. Not one. On the cross, Jesus took every piece of our pocket lint and traded it for grace, peace, forgiveness and life.

When we walk with Jesus, we can live our lives open and free, in the peace of God’s perfect love.

#jammed click to tweet jun:jul:augFather, Praise You for pocket lint! Thank You for reminding us that the small things that bother us matter to You. So much so, that You sent Jesus to redeems us from what ails us. Forgive us for suppressing things instead of bringing them to You, trusting that Your love is strong enough to conquer every sin and fear that we carry. Bless our hearts to become more like Yours every day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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