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The Silver Spray

February 2, 2017

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Available on Amazon.

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February #jammed: Dunked in Grace 

Day 33:  It’s Ferocity is Graceful.

“The world does not recognize the Spirit of truth, because it does not know the Spirit and is unable to receive Him. But you do know the Spirit because He lives with you, and He will dwell in you.” John 14:17 (VOICE)post-image-33

“Open the window, Daddy!” My Northern Ohio girl beckoned.

The warm tropical air permeated our pale winter faces for a few balmy moments before  a cold front blew our coats back on.

That day we watched two people marry, to the backdrop of crashing waves. The whipping North wind blew the crests of the waves before they could curl back into the sea, sending a silver spray into the sky as the sun made it’s way through gray.

“We couldn’t have asked for better weather,” the groom smiled, as we all shivered on the Southern shore.

True love is a miracle to witness, and it really doesn’t matter what the weather outside is like, because in our hearts ..in that moment …gravity shifts for eternity.

Today’s verse personifies that feeling every couple celebrates as they walk back down the aisle together, and every parent feels when they hold their first child for the first time. Unspeakable love. Unexplainable love. Love that isn’t seen, heard or noticed until it suddenly consumes our minds, hearts, and souls. We crave that love and remiss to part from it.

When we accept Christ as our Savior, we usher in an uncontainable love that lives in our hearts forevermore. We crave His presence because it satisfies our soul. “The world does not recognize it,” but it’s moving through the earth like wildfire.

jammed-tweet-blueFather, Praise You for loving us perfectly. In our search for perfection and achievement on this earth, it is only Jesus that can show us the true meaning of our toiling. Thank you for creating us with hearts capable of such a huge capacity to love, and yet …Your love is infinitely greater! It’s hard to imagine, but wonderful to experience. Forgive us for running from your presence, and denying the only One who can illuminate purpose in our lives.  We pray today that Jesus would come into our hearts and camp out there forever. Send Your Spirit to move our hearts and open Your Word to experience Your love for us on a heavenly level. In Jesus Name, Amen.

When do you most feel the love of Christ? Get the conversation started by commenting below, and let’s encourage one another as we face life in 2017 armed with grace! 


Happy Loving,


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