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The Beach Shirt (#jammed daily devo, day 51)

February 19, 2017

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Available on Amazon.

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February #jammed: Dunked in Grace 

Day 50: Grace has got us covered.

“The water through which the ark safely passed symbolizes now the ceremonial washing through baptism that initiates you into salvation. You are saved not because it cleanses your body of filth but because of your appeal to God from a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus the Anointed, our Liberating King.” 1 Peter 3:21 (VOICE)post-image-50

A decade or so ago, the only people that wore shirts on the beach were surfers with ripped abs that could be seen from underneath. Now, in the SPF millennial, it’s almost uncool not to wear a trendy, sweat wicking, SPF containing shirt on the beach. Or, am I really that old? Eek.

 and this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also—not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a clear conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” 1 Peter 3:21 (NIV)

Though we can’t escape the consequences, we can rest assured that we’ve got our SPF on when we’re in the Word of God everyday. Life is going to come with pain, but Jesus covers us with the cross. God wants us to live a happy life, and His love can get through any protective layering in pursuit of our hearts.

In today’s verse, we are reminded that going through the motions does not save us. Baptism is a sign of belief, but not a requirement to believe. New life in Christ allows us to be forgiven for our sinful nature, but it doesn’t remove it.

 Just like the passengers aboard Noah’s ark escaped the death of flood, we dodge sin’s fatal blow through Christ’s gift. His grace washes over us whether or not we are dipped in a pool.   We share experiences, hardships, celebrations, and milestones with each other. It’s only natural to desire a platform to share our salvation with whomever has ears to listen. Baptism is a way to come alongside others as we celebrate the greatest victory of our lives … Christ, Our Savior.

jammed-tweet-blueFather, Praise You for the lesson in baptism in this verse, today. Thank You that Your Word speaks louder than any humanly placed ritual or tradition. Forgive us for looking at baptism as a requirement fulfilled, rather than a means to testify to Your life-saving truth.  Jesus’ sacrificial grace is our ark of protection. Bless us to honor the symbolic platform of baptism, and the strength to live out our victory each day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Have you been baptized? Get the conversation started by commenting below, and let’s encourage one another as we face life in 2017 armed with grace! 


Happy Beachin’ It,


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