Rain in the Forecast…

March 13, 2012

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We’re somewhat preempted to grumble about rainy days.  Even the weather channel girl mulls over rainy forecasts, trading in her ‘sunny day’ forecast enthusiasm for a more glum tone.  Every wonder why that is?  What’s so bad about the rain?

It makes no difference to my kids what the weather is doing outside…their focus lies solely in the fact that they want to be out in it.  They aren’t worried about getting soaked, or their fingers becoming cold and pruney.  All the rain means to them is rain-boots and puddle splashing as we meander down the street.

In the grown up world, we are sometimes slightly over-informed…

There has always been, and will always be, and abundance of rain to grumble about.  Weather we hibernate inside until the sun comes out is up to us.  Fear of getting soaked to the bone has never kept me out of the rain…to the point that I remember my Mom pulling up beside my teenaged self running through a thunderstorm, asking if I wanted a ride home.  Being my Mom, she knew all too well that I meant to be out in it.  Being a good Mom, she had to make sure I was OK, anyway.

From birth on, children need their Mom’s assurance that everything is OK.  It’s evident in the look of approval my girls seek to splash in puddles…even with rain boots on.  An extra hug…a pat on the back…’Mommy Cuddles” as my older daughter says.  Kids are no more afraid to ask for extra encouragement than they are to get soaked in the rain.  Self assurance is just another basic human need.

You can learn a lot from a toddler.  How to let go and play in the rain…how much hurt a hug can heal a bruised self confidence…

But toddlers can learn a lot from us, too.  Like, how to let go and play in the rain…how much hurt a hug can heal a bruised self confidence..

We shouldn’t ever assume that just because we’re adults we need any less assurance than our kids.  It’s OK to let go and play in the rain.  To face seemingly mundane or difficult tasks…and with fearless abandon seek extra hugs of encouragement when needed.  That’s where faith kicks in, as well.

We’re all just grown up versions of the kids we once were.  Put the rain boots on and splash around.  Life if short.

Happy Splashing…



Getting splashed by the lake at sunrise.

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