February 10, 2012

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Meet Meg

All women are born with a natural appreciation for shoes.  Whether they be a coveted pair of running shoes, flip flops, “grown-up night” high boots, a chic pair of heals, or cozy slippers….the affection for footwear cannot be denied.  Some are born with more of a knack for footwear than others, and two of them strike a chord in my mind immediately…one of my besties, Meg, and my daughter, Lo.

Meg was the first to present my first baby girl with a pair of girly white shoes with adorned with a flower, and the only one who could dress up an ugly red uniform polo with a fab pair of shoes.  She once wore heals trick or treating…it’s our fave tradition we do with our kids (born 3 months apart)… walked at least a mile in those heals that night! That’s a love for shoes, people.  (…and yes, they were smashingly cute, lol, Meg.)


My daughter, Lo, cannot even speak full sentences yet…but she can manage a strut across the kitchen in any pair of shoes that I take off when I come in the door.  Could be a future fashion designer I have on my hands…let’s hope for that and not the starving model she’s unknowingly imitating as she paces back and forth in my kitchen.  (Ha!  Never mind…she may look like a skinny model one day, but that girl’s been eating non-stop since she entered this world!!)  I tell you this, she’ll be the one with the appreciation for fashion.  (There’s a reason she already has radar for Daddy’s wallet.)

Joking slightly aside, we take for granted how a cute pair of shoes can make us feel.  When I lace up my running shoes, I immediately feel empowered.  A pretty pair of heals make me feel…well…pretty!  My daughters are no different.  From Brianne plucking a pair of bright red shoes out of the Target clearance bin and dubbing them ‘perfect church shoes,’ to Lo freaking out over how cute a pair of bright pink bunny slippers are…one thing is clear:  shoes = happiness.

My youngest daughter walks around the house Sunday mornings with her dress practically over her head so that we can all see her “PEEEETY SHOOOO-EZZZZ!!!” Her big sister tears her ‘school’ shoes off and makes a mad dash for her ‘princess’ dress up shoes.  Me?  I have more time invested in displaying my favorite shoes in my closet than I’d like to admit.  Carefully making sure they are stored in a way that will preserve their shape and life.  So, I’m no exception.

Jim, my husband, has a pair of flip flops…at times 2…tennis shoes, Doc Martin boots, work shoes, and dress shoes.  Oh, and a pair of boat shoes that collect dust but ‘must remain.’  He will never relate to ‘The Shoes.’  And boy, does he have it coming.  Our house already has moments that revolve around shoes.  Imagine what that will evolve into when they are teenagers.  Or, what about along the way?

God bless my husband.  He’s going to be buried in shoes.  Ballet shoes, running shoes, ‘church’ shoes, sparkly shoes, winter boots, rain boots, dress boots, cowgirl boots, sandals, dress sandals, flip flops, crocs, reef shoes, Chucks (Bri already  has 3 different colors), tap shoes, play shoes, running shoes, dance recital shoes, spring shoes, summer shoes, fall shoes, winter shoes…

Happy Shoe-ing!


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