Sibling Rivalry

January 30, 2012

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Available on Amazon.

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My little sibling peeps (Colleen and Michael) and me...back in the d-zay.

…And so it begins.  Sibling rivalry.  I have fresh memories of my siblings and our squabbles growing up.  Most of them ended in my brother tattling, “Mom!  The girls are teaming up on me!!!”  My personal favorite is finding out as a grown adult that my little sister WAS, in fact, stealing my clothes…I just could never find the proof because it was under the mattress of her bed…that she sat on as I rummaged through her room looking for evidence.  It’s fun to look back on that stuff growing up.  I’m sure their memories are full of me bossing them around…even my husband cracks up at old family videos of me telling them how to unwrap their own Birthday presents.

My childhood memories are so funny to me, that I have been anxiously awaiting the day my own kids to start hashing it out.  Terrible, right?  To wish that they would get on each others nerves a little rather than get a long swimmingly most of the time?  It’s backfiring on me, because that’s just what they do.  Three and one, and they are best buds.  Thankfully, even the very best of buds get into spats.

Brianne and Lauren...Best Buds

And so it began… at the sound of little Lo screaming…one that means she’s actually hurt, not just over-reacting (parents, you know what I mean)…followed immediately by Brianne’s defense- “MOM!!!!!  LO LO WAS BOTHERING ME!!!!”

Brianne rushes in at my beckoning to explain herself, stating that Lauren was bothering her….so she “scratched her up.”  (All I want to do is laugh, even just writing about this…side note-Lo had no scratches…)  After a brief stint in ‘time out,’ she agrees to come get me first the next time her sister is ‘bothering’ her.

I actually feel for Bri…she sees her little sister eating her chap-stick…or drawing with her pencils…or eating her erasers…or taking all her books off of her shelves…or taking all her Barbie’s shoes off… poor thing has to learn to have the will power not to hand out discipline to her little sister, herself.  It’s not going to happen.

The little one is an instigator, too.  Very good at setting her old sister up to flip out.  Running through the house proudly declaring “Bri’s Barbie’s!!!!” when her sister’s not paying attention.  Not only was my one year old born with comedic timing…but also a natural and instigating.  One afternoon, Brianne asked if she could play by herself in her room with the door closed.  When I ask her way, she states- “Because I very don’t want Lo antagonizing me.”

That’s funny stuff.  NOT as funny as it will be when ‘Little’ Lo can speak full sentences and physically retaliate with a tiny bit more force than she has now.  Though they get along most of the time…the times they don’t are going to be comic genius.

They already have a problem sharing a bathroom.  Big sister doesn’t want little sister anywhere near her while she’s taking care of business.  Wait till they go to get ready for school at the same time.  I already have one who sits at her vanity to put on makeup before pre-school everyday.  I am in for some kind of ride, I tell ya… and a lot more ‘scratching up’ between sisters.

Happy Squabbling…


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