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The Chatter (#jammed daily devo, day 285)

October 12, 2017

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October #jammed: Free Grace.

Day 285: Unproductive conversation.

“The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say at the moment when you need them.” Luke 12:12 (VOICE)

Today’s verse assures us that if we will slow our speech enough to hear, the Holy Spiritday 285 will give us godly words to say.  Although it may not be originally purposed to apply to gossip, it has helped me shift my perspective on how to cope with it.

It doesn’t take long to sit in a conversation full of chatter before we catch ourselves nodding along and tuning in. Entitlement is extremely contagious.

How do we gracefully remove ourselves from an environment full of chatter and gossip? Here are three verses related to today’s that can help us find our way out spiritually alive…

 The Holy Spirit gave Stephen such wisdom in responding to their arguments that they were humiliated. Acts 6:10

Pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom. God promises to give us the words to say and the wisdom we seek. But we must seek it. Being in the Word everyday is the best way to defend ourselves from negativity. Prayer on the spot is powerful.

For when the time comes, I will give you the words to say—wise words—which none of your adversaries will be able to answer or argue against. Luke 21:15

It’s easy to nod and agree with a voice so convicted against someone else. But it’s really important not to. It’s easier to fall prey into being pushed around than we’d like to admit as adults. But as Luke states, God will give us words that our adversaries will not be able to answer against.

 When this happens—when you are arrested, dragged to court—don’t worry about what to say or how to say it. The words you should speak will be given to you. Matthew 10:19

Sometimes, silence is the most productive way to answer injustice. For, what is injustice looking for but to bite off the head of anyone who responds against it?

Gossip hurts people, and that’s not what we’re purposed to do. Chatter is not full of wisdom and love. It’s ill-aimed insecurity and control. It’s bullying at it’s simplest definition. Avoid it at all costs.

#jammed click to tweet jun:jul:augFather, Praise You for promising to give us wisdom. Thank You for choosing our words. Forgive us for neglecting to bite our tongues at someone else’s expense. It can be easy to get caught up in the fury of the chatter, and we pray that You alert us to get out of conversations that are demeaning to others. Help us to love people the way You do. Everyone containing the good that You put in them. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Happy Un-hearing,


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