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The First Day (#jammed daily devo, day 164)

June 13, 2017

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June #jammed: Under the Blanket of Grace.

Day 164: Grace welcomes. 

“Let the little children come to Me.” Luke 18:15June 13

Lockers lined the hallway to the classroom, math lesson in session, and the wave of a teacher ushered me in with instructions for me to help a new student take a placement test. She couldn’t remember what the name of her last school was, but we laughed as she recalled the new process of all of her brothers and sisters to school that morning.

Knowing I was only to read the questions and let her answer, we laughed as she tried to squeeze a little more information out of me. After a guided tour to the drinking fountain, she was a little less scared of the first day in a new school, and off to fit in with the rest of her classmates.

Later in the day down a different hallway in a different classroom, a teacher placed a little hand in mine. “It’s his first day …make sure he gets to this bus.” That little boy squeezed my hand all the way down the hallway, gazing up at me for a reassuring giggle about something, to take his little mind off of how nervous he was.

“It’s his first day,” I passed on to the bus driver, who smiled and nodded.

Today’s verse gives us a peak into the compassion Jesus had for children. He shows us how important it is to take the time to love on them and listen to them. If the King of Kings and Savior of the world made the time, we know we should, too. There is much we can learn from children. And I’m with Jesus on this one. Bring on the kids. They are fun and innocent, they challenge us with questions and look to us for leadership. What a privilege it is to point them to Him by means of little love, listening and kindness. Child-like faith is fun. Laughing with kids …that’s got to be my favorite. From Pre-school to High School, substitute teaching has been one of the funnest side-jobs I’ve had.

What began as a little extra provision has blessed my heart. When I show up for the day, waves and hugs come at me from all sides, and I enjoy every bit of their craziness. Their smiles make me smile. And I believe, He smiles, too.

Father, Praise You for children, and thank You for teachers. I confess my lack preparation to fill their shoes for a day, and pray you bless each classroom I have the chance to visit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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