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The Planner (#jammed daily devo, day 255)

September 12, 2018

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September #jammed: Free Grace.

Day 255: Wait on grace.

“When these events were completed, Jesus led His followers to Jerusalem where they would celebrate a Jewish feast together.” John 5:1

This verse in John 5 sparks a string of miracles and hallmark statements in Jesus’ time on255 earth. Every step he took was purposeful. Each conversation rich with godly wisdom. All miracles with a lesson of God’s compassionate love.

“When these events were completed…” What seems unnoteworthy reminds us of God’s omnipotent hand on our hearts. The earth moves in tune with God’s timing, and no event we undertake is removed from His love.

“Jesus led…” Those that followed Him didn’t always realize what they were about to witness. Scenes like the feeding of five thousand with fish and loaves and the woman who was healed by a touch of Jesus’ robe. Unpredictable events to passers by and followers were anticipated touches of love from above.

“where they would celebrate…” To follow Jesus in God’s timing always yields celebration. We may not always understand it. It’s guaranteed to sting at times along the way. And the harder we follow the more the enemy will come after us. But the celebration… the hugs in heaven when we’re finally home.

Jesus’ died on the cross anticipating the celebration of all who follow Him. All who believe. He prayed for us and prays for us. He’s our friend and teacher …our accessible Savior, cheering us down the home stretch.  There’s no greater love that the cross. No greater love that God’s for each of us.

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Father, Praise You for celebration. Thank You for giving us hope and life. We confess, that our focus is not often on the celebration, but more focused on the struggle and hard walk of life. Help us to breathe in the life of Your Word each day, and bless us to show the same compassion to others as You show to us each day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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