The Chucks.

January 6, 2015

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Available on Amazon.

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Meet Meg

IMG_7796Lo Lo.  Not to be outdone…ever.

My dad knew that Chucks for Christmas would be a hit.  Pink high tops for her older sister, and purple lows for “the Lo’s.”  They see Papa wearing his Chucks all the time…and their Aunt Colleen…and Uncle Michael….  My oldest had a baby pair of pink ones, and still has a pink Chuck Christmas ornament on her tree in memory of them.

When they opened up those shoes on Christmas Eve, there was a little bit of magic in the room.  Lo put them on immediately.

DSC_0559_2Separated from our family by great distance for most of the year, it’s easy to forget how much we all have in common.  Now, when Lo Lo hops by in her purple Chucks, I think of my dad.  When Bri Bri puts her pink high tops on with her sweater dress, I’m reminded of my sister.  Watching them wear them in to their personalities is super cool.

What is it about those shoes?

2014 was a great year, but one of missing family a lot.  Still not used to my parents living in Florida, my little Lo asks every day,

“How many more days until we see Grandma and Papa again?”

It’s honestly hard for me to pull it together sometimes to answer her, because I miss them so much, myself!  My Grandma says it the best.

“Family is everything.”

It is. This Christmas, the best gift I received was having them all in the same room for a bit.  Listening to the next generation play us a song on her pink guitar, and cheering our Brownies on.  Watching my brother’s face light up when he gave his little nieces their presents.  Listening to my sister’s new album.  Being around my family reminds we who I am, and inspires my daughters.

What is it about Chucks?

I pulled mine out to match my girls after everone had gone home.

Following footsteps...

Following footsteps…

I remember getting my first pair in seventh grade. I wanted a pair to be cool like my dad.  I became who I was going to be in those shoes.  I wore them with my flared jeans in high school, with my Abercrombie khakis in college, and my skinny jeans in my twenties.  I finally parted with my original maroon plaid pair at 33. Holes in the cloth and rubber gone from the bottoms.

My chucks.IMG_7791

I replaced them with a pink starred pair when we moved,  but they had mostly sat in the closet until my daughters inspired me to break them out after Christmas this year.

When the three of us walked out of the house in our matching Chucks, I could literally hear the breath of fresh air walking out with us.  After a Christmas full of family visits and amazing memories, those Chucks kind of said it all.

Life pulls on me… and at times, I need to put my Chucks on…and just kick it.

“Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” Jeremiah 17:7

Happy Kicks,



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