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The Day-Dreams (#jammed daily devo, day 168)

June 17, 2017

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June #jammed: Under the Blanket of Grace.

Day 168: Growing a dream.

“This, beloved, is the truth: until heaven and earth disappear, not one letter, not one pen stroke,
will disappear from the sacred law—for everything, everything in the sacred law will be fulfilled and accomplished.” Matthew 5:18 (VOICE)

God is with us, but won’t live for us. June 17

Today’s verse assures us that everything He has promised in His Word is Truth. It will happen. Truth will happen. He wins. This life will be hard, but we will come Home.

In the meantime, we day-dream.

On days when I can’t feel the sun on my face, I feel His embrace in the most beautiful daydream …the first embrace of heaven.  The dreams that God places in our hearts are too big for us to accomplish without Him. It hurst when we try to. He promises to do “more than we can ask for or imagine in this life.” So, I guess it makes sense that it’s a struggle to reach for what we can’t see the end of. We don’t know what our end-goal looks like. Only God does.

As a parent, that makes it hard to coach kids on how to achieve dreams. Today’s verse allows insight, not only to how to manage the pursuit of our dreams, but direct them in theirs. As we pray out the purpose of each dream, one obedient step at a time, we start to see pieces of God’s plan for our lives.

The Greek word for letter in this text is iota:

  1. the Hebrew letter `, the smallest of them all
    1. hence equivalent to the minutest part

Even the smallest promises of God’s Word will come true. Things that are so small and minute …that have happened and are happening … Imagine how much we miss because we are so focused on looking for something huge and unimaginable. But the process of getting to heaven is a lifetime daily pursuit of holiness.

The mundane things I hate to do, but feel God urging me to be obedient to. Even the smallest things …I should do. Children learn great lessons watching the adults in their lives work hard with the talents they’ve been given. The opportunities that we are allowed in this life mirror no one else’s. 

As we chase our day-dreams in hard times and wonderful pursuits, let’s remember to rely on God’s Word as our compass. Jesus died to lend us the Spirit’s translations of prayer and God’s Word. By following the Lamp of Truth, we will see God illuminate our dreams in real life.

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Father, Praise You for dreams! Thank You for the Light that guides us, and the sacrifice He made to light the Lamp. Forgive us for taking turns down desperate streets, and reroute us to seek You first in all that we do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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