The ‘For Sale’ Sign.

February 27, 2012

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Available on Amazon.

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Meet Meg

It’s planted in our front yard, in all it’s surreal glory.

One more bathroom, and moving most likely would’ve been replaced with talks of a boat instead.

Like most families, we’ve put in a lot of work into our little pad…but it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  One bathroom plus three girls is more than challenging already…and they aren’t even tall enough to see themselves in the mirror, yet.  I’m sure they’d like more space to play…and their own bathroom…but I always say…make them too comfortable and they just might never leave.  Yet, I’m truly torn.

There are so many good things about living in a small house.

I can always hear what my little girls are up to.  Before I know it they’ll be grown up and gone, and I selfishly want to be smother them for as long as I can.  Everyone hangs out in the family room…together.  I can clean the entire house in less than two hours.  And with my back problems as of late, I don’t mind the lack of stairs, either.

What would I do with a bigger closet, anyway?  Just accumulate things to fill it up with that I never before knew I needed.

Our beautiful little lake home, that no one seems to be interested in buying.  (Which honestly makes me feel relieved.)  Small closets, one bathroom, tripping over toys…  but I walk 4 houses down to Lake Erie to skip rocks with my kids… and watch the sunrise over the water almost every morning after my run.

With everything this house gives me to gripe about, I’m reminded by that big lake at the end of the street why I moved to this little lake town in the first place.  I fell in love with the lake.  A long time ago.  And I made a goal to plant myself as close to it as possible, since I spent much of my youth racing out here from the suburbs every Friday after the last school bell rang.  Just seeing the lake has always stirred a sentimentality…a love for the water fostered since I was a little peep.

So, for now, every morning as I watch the sun rise over Lake Erie, I wonder if it will be the last.  Which walk down to skip stones will be the final time.  It inspires me to find ways to make this little house bigger, I’ll tell you that.  In fact…I think I just thought of a place I can fit another bathroom…or what if we knocked down that wall…we could move some utilities…maybe heat the garage…

Happy… Renovating?


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