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The Word “No.” (#jammed daily devo, day 279)

October 6, 2017

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October #jammed: Free Grace.

Day 279: The Good “No.”

Barak told her, “I will go, but only if you go with me.” Judges 4:8

day 279

We teach our kids “just say no,” and to stick up for themselves, but then tell them to
accept everyone. It’s confusing, and a perfect reflection of an imperfect world. It doesn’t get any easier to determine the right time to say no and the right time to be accepting. Our attempt to accomplish the combination of the two is the most important thing we’re put on this earth to do. Love.

Barak is in a similar conundrum of sorts in today’s verse. He’s told Deborah, “No.” He’s not going into battle without her. She’s their leader, and though a woman and a rarity in Old Testament days and beyond, Deborah used her talents to inspire Israel during a dark time. (NIV Student Bible Notes.)

Throughout the Bible we can hardly find a more well-rounded leader, male or female, than Deborah. She was a military leader and judge, mother and wife, prophet and poet. Her wisdom was so renowned that people brought their disputes to her as she sat under a large palm tree, the Palm of Deborah.

It’s no wonder Barak hung onto her words and her faith like his life depended on it. God provides great beacons for us to hold onto in this life, but we must never clutch to them as if they are as great as or greater than God. All beacons in this life point to His compassionate love for us. 

We walk with God when we believe in Jesus. Unlike any human on earth we look to, we can put our full confidence in Christ. He will go with us always. Never parting, never failing, never dying or leaving. He is and was and ever shall be with us. When we are afraid to go into the battle of the day, we can rest in His confidence. We can follow His guidance, trusting that we are safe in His leadership.

Jesus was the only One that ever accomplished love on earth perfectly. His voice is the only one we should follow unabashedly. Don’t be afraid to “just say no,” to any and all other voices in life. Align all words, always, to His.

#jammed click to tweet jun:jul:augFather, Praise You for Deborah. Thank You for showing us that gender doesn’t determine our limitations in this life, but help us to remember to consult You first concerning what we are supposed to do in this life …instead of focusing on what we are capable of entitled to. We confess our ambition and defense of the latter, and pray that You bless and guide our steps to lead down the path of Your will for our lives. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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