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The #GodisGreater Shirt (#jammed daily devo, day 199)

July 18, 2017

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Available on Amazon.

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July #jammed: Grace serves.

Day 199: Be bold.

“So the impossible is possible with God.” Luke 1:37 (VOICE)July 18

In a sea of high-schoolers, it’s cool to see a #GodisGreater t-shirt drifting down the hall. It’s been a while since I walked the halls of a high school, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.   Young people are impressive. They’re generally ready to make a difference, and it’s encouraging to see so many of them are on a mission to make a difference for God.

My daughters are still in elementary school, but the teenage years will be here before I’m ready. The challenges that era of life will bring, for them and I, will be a chapter we’ll remember …for better or worse. As a parent, I scratch my head trying to figure out how that can be my kid walking the hall proudly with the #GodisGreater t-shirt on. How can I protect them from making the same mistakes I made?

“The impossible is possible with God.”

Impossibilities are the challenges God has prepared us to face ….with Him. My daughters don’t have to walk down the same roads I did if they are following His lead. God’s grip on my life serves as a witness of Him to them.

“For no word from God will ever fail.” Luke 1:37 (NIV)

Not one word. When I say that something will never, ever happen …I feel an automatic feeling of regret. That’s become a signal to the next challenge I’ll inevitably have to face. But when God says it, He’s capable of fulfilling it. His Word is Truth.

“We’re not waiting on the proof of God, we are proof of God.” Pastor Steven Furtick

Our lives are proof of His possibility, and our children are in His hands. Jesus will chase them, as He did us. I’ll be the first one to hug them if they do, but I pray that my daughters wont’t have to live through the same messes and mistakes I did.

Once we learn to trust God and follow Jesus, the Spirit translates our striving into purpose.

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Father, Praise You for impossibilities. Thank You for allowing us to witness so many of them become possible through our faith in Your Son, Jesus. Forgive us when we fear the future and doubt Your capability through our faith to break cycles. Bless our children to follow You fast and furiously, never veering …to experience the full calling You have on their lives. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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