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The Radio Station (#jammed daily devo, day 169)

June 18, 2018

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June #jammed: Under the Blanket of Grace.

Day 169: Tune in.

 Listen, open your ears, harness your desire to speak, and don’t get worked up into a rage so easily.” James 1:19 (VOICE)

Static.June 18

The satellite radio subscription had finally run out, and I was left with static. Regular radio has a slightly different sound than satellite. Not to mention the frustrating existence of commercials and morning talk shows opinions. Maybe it’s because I’m a Cleveland sports fan …it’s probably because I’m a Cleveland sports fan … 

Today’s verse warns us not to get worked up into a rage. (Yep. That counts me out of talk- radio for football season, that’s for sure.) When we become accustomed to what we like to listen to, we get aggravated when the frequency changes. 

“Listen,” James instructs. This part of the verse is also translated, “but everyone must be quick to hear …” (NASV)

Are we listening to how we are supposed to live?

We’re a product of what we’re listening to, and often that voice is not a healthy influence. Beth Moore taught me, in one of her Bible studies, that what we listen to can subconsciously influence our day. It’s wise to be wary of what we’re listening to.

Listen- 1. to pay attention to sound. 2. to hear something with thoughtful attention : give consideration. Merriam-Webster

Listening isn’t just a sound, it’s a premise. Yes, we hear the wind …but we don’t often consider it. The conversation we tune in to, however, has the ability to harness our attention …and sway it.

The Greek word for ‘hear,’ is akouoto comprehend, to understand. Strongs #191

It’s not just the startle of sound that alerts us to attention.  Listening to what we hear affects how we grow and what we know. Many things pass by our ears and eyes each day, but we have the power to choose which ones we let into our hearts.

Listen to Jesus.

He didn’t exactly take any crap from people who attempted to slight Him or His Father, nor did He take everyone’s word at face value. Why? What was guiding His bold speech in regard to the Pharisees …and to Judas? What made Him so confident that fleeting words couldn’t shake Him?

He heard the Word. He knew it. Like that back of His hand. As if it was the very essence of who He was. The Way. The Truth. The Life. The Word made flesh.

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Father, Praise You for Your Word! Thank You for sending the Word to us in the flesh to live out the Truth. Forgive us for allowing falsities to seep into our heart, and uphold us to discern everything we hear with Your Word and Your Truth. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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  1. uplandweb says:

    What if I’m deaf-well, not quite, I have a cochlear implant. But seldom listen to radio (esp. Clevelend radio–growing up, WGN!). I have found I need to have a Bible verse I’m learning. Need to have something to “listen” to.