The Snow.

January 3, 2012

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Years of grown up life can swiftly pull the ‘snow-is-fun-to-play-in’ rug out from under you.  Unless you’re me.  Then, there’s no amount of maturity that can disguise my excitement of a good hard snowfall.  Growing up I had a sledding hill in my yard and ski slopes 10 minutes down the road.  So, for me, snow was always cool…and FUN.  Even though I now live on Lake Erie, I could ice skate and snow ski long before I could water ski.  And some of the most fun with friends was had meeting up at Boston Mills or Brandywine.  I loved it so much I even worked the lifts one winter…and then learned how fun it was to go down a skill hill on a lunch tray.  (It’s freaking fun.)  Now, afraid to even wax my ski’s for fear of hurting myself, I live in Huron, OH…where it get’s really, really, really, really cold and windy…but all the snow misses us and bombs the snow-belt where I grew up.

My Snow Angel.

It makes winter depressing, this ‘no-snow’ business…which is why I get in an anti-winter funk and want to move to Tortola every year on January 2nd until about April 1st.  And then came my daughters, who have reminded me in the loudest possible way, like only they can, why snow is cool.  When it snowed for the first time this winter…really big fluffy snow…neither kid would move away from the windows.  My 3-year-old…”MOM I WANT TO PLAY IN IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”  My 1 year old…”MOMMY-OUTSIDE-PRETTY-SNOW-SANTA-MOMMA-OUTSIDE-PRETTY!!!!!

Just imagine what their reaction will be the first time the grass is completely covered.  It will be snowman-building chaos in my house.  I know this from experience.  I’ve been trying to get Brianne out playing in the snow ever since she couldn’t move by herself in her snowsuit.  (Yes, so I can have an excuse to play in it…duh.)  I would run her up and down our street (private…no plow) on her little baby sled while she laughed …mostly at me falling trying to run with her sled.  Next year, she could move a little, and I prepared myself to make snowmen all day.  Oh, I did…while she cried in the background about how much she hated the snow…and couldn’t walk in the snow…and had snow particles thinking about touching her face…it was a lot more work than fun.

Finally, last year….she was ready.  And the first time the snow buried our backyard we made the biggest snowman EVER.  It was seriously huge.  Then we made the most AWESOME (Bri’s words, not mine…) snow fort that had ever been built in the entire world ever.  Then, we had the best snowball fight ever…so intense that we destroyed our fort.  (All while her baby sister napped..lesson learned, there…lol)  So, I wasn’t too surprised when she was glued to the window watching the flakes fall…or that her little sister followed right along, becoming completely enchanted  herself.

The Snow.  While so many dread it, I’m wishing there were more of it.  I love the Caribbean..,but if for 3 months out of the year my buggars are going to freeze (Bri’s words, not mi-…ok, mine.) when I walk outside to get the mail, I want snow to play in….and Bri does too.  She has a little sister to bury, now.  That, I’m sure, will be coming to my yard sooner than later.  Good thing I have a Hot Chocolate Maker.  Bring on the snow.

Happy Snowman-building…


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