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March 15, 2011

Available on Amazon.

Available on Amazon.

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It’s a racket, isn’t it?

Woman’s face cream?  Retailers seem to pin a bulls-eye on our backs when we hit 30, and keep the pressure at level ‘insane’ until we’re ‘allowed’ (by their standards, it seems) to relax and embrace our wrinkles around age 70.  I used to think I was cleverly avoiding this by using face lotion with sunscreen in it, and overnight lotion that Clean and Clear made up until last year.  For $10 I was set for a month.  The sunscreen lotion has disappeared, too…boo you retailing giants.  I feel like I’ve been caught red handed.  Now, I’m forced to find another option.

Don’t even get me started on the gray hairs popping up all over my head.  Even though one of my best friends owns her own salon…and will undoubtedly do an amazing job taking me back to my natural color one day…I’m just not ready to undergo the whole process.  I’ve never dyed my hair.  I’m going to try this product Avon makes for touch ups…if it works I’ll let you know.  Until then, I name each one as I pluck them out and ceremonially bury them in the trash like they never existed.

Gray hair say what?  Wrinkles say what?  Dark eye circles that make me look like I just got back from a week in Vegas say what…WHAT?  (I love Hannah Montana, but she’s not making the reality of aging any easier.)  Age.  Like pregnancy with a broader scope of knowledge…it’s so beautiful in so many ways…and in other ways not so beautiful…if you get my drift.

Old...old...old car ferry on the way to Charlevoix, MI.

At the suggestion of my mom, whom age has taught me is correct 90% of the time, I became an Avon rep.

I said I’d never…

I’ve always been a fan of Avon products, just not a regular.  I find it inconvenient to hand write my order, turn it in, and wait for it to arrive…when?

On the flip side…Avon has told me upfront that I won’t make as much selling to people online. Ummm…ok…who DOESN’T buy things online?  The first people that traveled on the car ferry in these pictures?  Yea, they probably didn’t shop online…but, wow, have we humans evolved since then.  🙂  I’ve become too much of a technology junkie to let this fly…

Never one to just ‘go with proverbial flow,” I decided instead to set a record for number of customers served around the country…online…by one rep.

Face to face selling/delivery is no doubt more effective…but not always realistic in our hectic lives, or distance between us.   (E-mail, Facebook, and blogging have allowed me to keep in touch with my friends and family for years…why can’t I pass deals onto them…oh, wait…I can.)

Once again, I’m out to bust through another door.

Who would have thought that trying to find cheap face cream would lead me on another quest…ha ha ha…probably anyone that’s spent 15 minutes with me, I guess.

Happy Door-busting!

(If you’d like to contribute to the cause, or reap the benefits of my door-busting skills, visit my online store.)

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  1. Janet Curran says:

    Go girl–another article written fantastically.