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The One I Want to Bring Back (#jammed daily devo, day 155)

June 4, 2017

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June #jammed: Under the Blanket of Grace.

Day 155: Grace Helps One …by One.

“Keep being kind to those who waver in this faith.” Jude 22 (VOICE)June 4

There is a person God has laid upon my heart, that I’ve never met. Though I lack the details, I just know I’m supposed to pray into this recurring dream …of helping just one. Not at all sure how long it will take to see what God’s up to, it’s so wonderful that I don’t mind waiting …praying for all the obedient steps in my life to march in line, and feeling humbly unqualified to be considered at all.

We often discount ourselves from big dreams because of our imperfections, lacking trust in God’s plan for our lives. No matter how long we’ve walked with Christ, the temptation to waver lingers.

Today’s verse is calling compassion on those wavering under the influence of people who, in Jude’s day, were bending the true message of God’s grace. Under the false pretense that salvation gave them license to sin, the ‘rule benders’ were confusing others who were pursuing a knowledge of Christian faith.

Imagine the nerve, but realize we live immersed in a society that tells us that it’s OK to do what’s not OK.  Those wavering in faith are watching to see if we’ll admit when we are wrong and repentantly ask for forgiveness …as we preach …or if we will justify our mistakes with entitled excuses.

Wavering doesn’t just sit in the pocket of people who aren’t sure they believe in Christ …it dwells in the hearts of those that do, too. Thwarting the big dreams God wants to accomplish in our lives and the opportunity to serve as a witness for the King of kings. Wavering…

Dictionary.com defines it,to sway to and fro; flutter.” 

If we flutter in faith, those around us will sway to and fro.

There is no chance for perfection on this earth, but there is Grace. Jesus died to level the playing field, yet some of us refuse to play fairly, don’t we? Hiding our mistakes, brushing them under the rug, nodding acceptingly when others tell us not to worry …

Be OK with it not being OK. Our big dreams are counting on it. Our witness depends on it. Authentic acceptance of sin serves as a greater witness than the run and hide game of denial.  “Move beyond being sorrowful and onto repentance.” (first5)

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Father, Praise You for the big dreams You have planted in our hearts. Thank You for stirring our hearts to pray into those dreams and work to move toward them. Forgive us for running from our sin, and help us to handle it  …so that we may repent and move closer to You and Your purpose for our life’s witness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Happy Un-wavering,


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