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The Squares (#jammed daily devo, day 209)

July 28, 2017

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July #jammed: Grace serves.

Day 209: Peace isn’t boring.

“I desperately want to see you so that I can share some gift of the Spirit to strengthen you.” July 28Romans 1:11

Keeping up with pop culture seems much harder now than it did back when I sat on pins and needles before NKOTB released another album. This mom feels very “square-ish” at times.

square- It is often used to speak of a person who is regarded as dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends. Wikipedia

Today’s modern Christians and mega churches do a fantastic job at remaining relevant in order to reach people. But when we step outside the walls of the church, our lives are starkly different from the lifestyle pop culture advertises.

Today’s verse begins Paul’s letter the church in Rome. Upholding Christian faith in a sea of critical eyes wasn’t easy then, either. They were looked upon with hesitation, and religious persecution was their reality. I wonder if the Romans had a term for “squares…”

Paul talks about sharing or granting a gift of the Spirit in this verse, but no human being can give a gift of the Spirit. Maybe Paul wanted so badly for them to experience Spiritual gifts, that he rushed to the product of what great faith yields along the way.

square- In referring to a person, the word originally meant someone who was honest, traditional and loyal.-Wikipedia 

Until the age of jazz, it was actually a compliment to be called a square. From then on, each generation has coined a new version. Songs have been written about it, and everyone’s had a great laugh at the expense of those who don’t fit in.

But let’s remember that we’re supposed to be squares. Be aware and remain relevant, but we were always meant to be set a apart.“In the world but not of it.” Pastor Bill, The Chapel. 

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Father, Praise You for setting us a part. Thank You for guarding our hearts and defending us. Forgive us for going too far when reaching to be relevant, and uphold our hearts to be strong and committed to You. To follow Your Son, Jesus. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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