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The Arms in the Air (#jammed daily devo, day 319)

November 15, 2018

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Available on Amazon.

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November #jammed: Gracious.

Day 319: Thankful for hands-up.

I will sing to the Lord as long as I live.
    I will praise my God to my last breath! Psalm 104:33


The weight of God pressed into my stomach, onto my shoulders, and consumed my
whole head and heart. I’d never felt the presence of God like that, and didn’t want it to end. In a sea full of 10,000 other people, my ears ringing with praise and my arms in the air, God spoke into my heart …

“Straighten up.” “Straighten up!” “STRAIGHTEN UP!!!”

Since then, I’ve been praying into what in the world that means, and watching in awe as He peels back His answer one layer at a time.

When we come together seeking His presence, He is there, and it’s a phenomenal feeling. I remember wanting to bottle it up before I went back out into the world where we are few and set a part. For a moment, a piece of home rained down on my head and seeped in to fill my heart. 

“Straighten up….”

Up my arm went, determined to feel the same presence …needing to feel that same presence …the following Sunday in church. One of a few instead of lost in a sea of arms, mine trembled! The fear of people thinking I was out of my right mind caused my voice to tremble out of tune and away from the harmony. But He met me there, with that same heavy feeling of stability. He held me stable.

He holds me up.

Straighten up to meet Him in worship, and feel His strength surge through like a storm. Standing us up, dragging us through, cheering us on …He is there.

jammed-click-to-tweetFather,  Praise You for worship, and thank You for meeting us there and holding us up. Help me to be brave and seek You always in worship …with arms up. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Happy Arming up,


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