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“You’re going to have to have your teacher stick your lashes on,” I texted my daughter as I sent my husband out the door with her dance gear, “I’m useless right now.” Every non-life threatening symptom of said vaccine crashed down on me in waves the night of her dress rehearsal. The day before, I […]


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The tween years are rapidly rushing in the gray hair. Life isn’t stopping or slowing down so I can devise a plan of attack. It’s exhausting my emotions and frying my nerves.

The Power of a Memory

Christian Living

When no band-aid seems to fit our children’s wounds and calm their fears, Jesus heals. There is power in His name. Pray to Him, together.

The Learning Curve

Christian Living

Being interruptible opens our eyes up to what’s going on around us. We travel through life with tunnel vision unless we purposefully adopt an interruptible persona. Adapting to interruptibility isn’t easy. We’re tuned into the conversations of others, but often we’re calculating our response before they are done talking. Or, thinking about what we’re going to have for dinner or what we will wear to morrow. Our minds are naturally fickle. It takes effort not to be selfish.

The words we # have power the power to create searchable content. The words we verbalize, type, text, share and air hold the power to dignify or deflate.

#saywhat?! …What’s Up With My Mouth?

Christian Living

Walking by faith means to pay attention to the world around us, ready and willing to participate in opportunities to love others each day

The Radical Resolution

Christian Living

There’s an enlightening difference between “resolve” and “resolution.” Resolve reflects a decision or determination, while a resolution formally encompasses a decision made via conference with others. Wikipedia describes four different types of resolution, “New Year’s resolution” being the only one that doesn’t incorporate other opinions into its final draft. Could this be why resolutions often fall out of reach?

The Cedars and the Leaders (#jammed daily devo, day 316) Day 316: Thankful for music. “Let fire come out of the thornbush and consume the cedars of Lebanon!” Judges 9:15b The best rock band of all time is my favorite rock band of all time. It’s not just because they stay out and away from trashy […]

The Cedars and the Leaders

Christian Living