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Best friends don’t just leap into our lives. They are layered into our core.

Friends in Our 40’s: 10 Ways to Move from Hurt to Joy

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Here are 10 revelations that have the power to transform friendships.

These Revelations Changed How I Think about Friendship


The product of my rushed suburban childhood is arm-in-arm in that sandy crop of kids, traditionally appreciating the last day of school in their little lake town …where the busiest road has a 35 mph speed limit, and we can count the number of stop lights on one hand. “Rush” is absent from their vocabulary. […]

The Last Day


“Sorry!” My oldest called out as she sent her Daddy’s peg flying off the game-board. “What?!?” he retorted, “You just broke your own rule!” My little one lined up a teeny tiny animal audience as they argued. The table melted down into assigning blame, hurt feelings, and an unfinished game. It’s impossible to declare the […]

Joy cracks conformity. “Mom,” my seven-year old wept as she slunked against the cold window on the way home from school, “it happened again.” A chill stemmed from my heart to the heated steering wheel as I swiped the volume down. “Same person?” I pressed. “One stopped, but there’s still one more.” Kids are funny […]

The Crack