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The Agenda (#jammed daily devo, day 202)

July 21, 2018

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July #jammed: Grace serves.

Day 202: What we’re up to.

“He deserted His own sanctuary at Shiloh,the tent where He had lived in the midst of His people. July 21He handed His strength over to captivity; He put His splendor under the enemy’s control.” Psalm 78: 60-61 (VOICE)

When I was in school, we had all passes, but substitute teaching has introduced me to the “agenda.” Apparently, it’s easier to sign an entire book and carry it with than initial a pass. Either way, it keeps tabs on where the students are at, and holds them accountable for where they are going.

These verses out of Psalm 78 speak of a time during the Judges when the Ark of the Covenant was stolen by the enemy. What I love about this verse, is that the Author reminds us who was ultimately in omnipotent control.

“He …His …He …His… He…His …He …His…”

Israel had been a rebellions pain in the but, and God allowed them suffer the wrath of their poor choices. Just Judge that He is, and perfect Father discipling His imperfect children …away the Ark …and everything that it meant and symbolized to His people …went. They followed the Ark though the desert for forty years. Broke it down and set it back up for each move of the pillar of cloud.

Without the presence of the Ark to keep tabs on where they were at and hold them accountable for where the were going, the Israelites lost more than ever before.

Jesus died to be our agenda. To keep us on a straight path and in check with Whose we are and where we are headed. He personally saved each one of us on that cross. Knew us before we knew of Him. Guides us until we meet Him in heaven. Through Christ as our Savior, the Spirit moves in and our of our lives, as we pursue a heart more like His. It’s life’s agenda.

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Father, Praise You for giving us an Agenda. Thank You for Jesus! In Him, we have the perfect example to follow and friend to lead us. Forgive us for faltering in our lives as we stumble to make our own way instead of trying to find You. Bless us to seek Your agenda for our lives. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

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