Daddy’s Work.

January 14, 2012

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Available on Amazon.

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What is it about ‘Daddy’s Work’ that is so fascinating to a child?  I remember conjuring up images of where my Dad worked, as a kid.  When I finally went there with him for his retirement send off, it looked nothing like what I’d imagined.  But as a kid, you have to visualize them somewhere, right?  There is something alluring about watching them get ready in the morning, grab the lunch Mom packed and head off to ‘work.’  It seems so cool from a kid’s perspective.

My kids are no different.  Some days they miss him more than usual, and all day long they will grill me with questions about where Daddy is and what Daddy is doing and why Daddy has to go to work and can’t stay home and play Barbies.  They get all jacked up at the thought of visiting Daddy at work…especially now that it includes a trip to ‘Hot Dog Heaven’ for lunch.  (Not an analogy…a real place…and yes, they’re really good.)

Playing at Daddy's Work...

I can’t help but wonder what they think from their level.  My husband works at a car dealership.  Although at times it may seem like a circus to adults…to a kid it must seem like a playground.  Play area in the service lounge, cars they’re allowed to touch, balloons Daddy blows up with helium to take home.  They start chanting “Daddy!  Daddy!” as soon as the service garage door starts to open, and we pull in to see Daddy and Big John waving ‘Hello.’

“I like that one the best, Daddy!” Brianne informed him on our most recent visit, as she hopped out of our mini-van and pointed at the Viper in the other lane of the service drop off.  Laughing, my husband proudly grabs her by the hand and takes her inside…little Lo bouncing right behind them.  Daddy, a hot dog, an ice cream sundae, and a huge balloon…  In my daughter’s eyes… it was a perfect day.  Beats sitting in the service lounge reading a boring magazine waiting for an oil change…

Happy Work Visits…


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