The Remote Control

January 17, 2012

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Available on Amazon.

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Apparently more fascinating than any toy money can buy ….it’s the remote control.  In particular, my remote control.  The one I grab groggily in the morning to catch the Today Show …oh, who am I kidding with my pre-parent nostalgia …the Disney Channel. Adjusting to my new normal, the morning person I’ve always been is now desperately trying to put off the clamoring for breakfast and get an few extra minutes of sleep.

Somehow, this particular remote control has become the toddler’s favorite pretend one. More annoying than trying to coax my cat out of my older daughter’s room before bedtime, is trying to locate where my number two child has stashed my remote control. Sans a mom sigh, I vacate my comfortable stop to unearth the abnormal place she’s guaranteed to place it …in her shoes (the next obsession), kitty’s food bowl, big sister’s closet, her high chair…

Annoying as it is to locate the dang thing when I need it, watching her interact with it as if there’s a person talking to her on the other end is pretty priceless.  It’s one of those things that we’ll soon forget about over time, so I’m glad I’m writing about it.

Our memories seem to be aging twice as fast now that our children are stealing all of our sleep and encroaching on every comfortable creature habit we ever had the three decades prior. Somehow the things we thought we’d never forget about our girls, we find reminiscing about when we run across old photos and videos.  Racing my oldest daughter down the street (pretend starting blocks included…funny, since I could never use them properly myself.). Teaching number one how to walk down the street to the lake- every day, holding both her little hands …coaxing her along. There’s seemingly so much time with that first one.

Already, at one and three, there are things that get lost in the shuffle of all the fun and frustrating memories we’ve accumulated thus far.  The telephone remote control will surely be filed away and replaced with other hilarious ….and maybe not so much so …idiosyncrasies coming our way.  Right now, number two spits out new adorable words and phrases everyday, and number one recites things I’m quite sure she shouldn’t be saying yet at all.

“Who is it, Lo Lo?  Who’s on the phone?”

Putting the remote on her shoulder and looking up at me as if I’ve interrupted important negotiations, she replied….

Zszszszzpseeeee…..Pa Pa!  Hiiiiiiiii!  Hi, Papa!”

…then ran out of the room on her tip toes to finish her conversation in private.

Happy Channel Surfing…


What we know now …

“LLLLLOOOOOO!!!!” Number one, now ten and a half, yelled to her sister, “CAN YOU COME TURN NETFLIX ON?!”

This is common scene, and when I wrote the original post no one knew what Netflix was. Number two is still obsessed with the remote control …thought she is the smallest and youngest in the house, Lo is the only one who can work all six remote controls and three TV’s in the house without a hitch. Instead of calling Papa on the remote control, she became the first of my two kids to master texting, emoji’s and FaceTime.  Papa even has a bitmoji, thanks to her.

Life is exactly how I thought it would be, and why I started this blog. I forgot about the remote control phone, and am so glad there are so many memories here to laugh about all over again. It’s the reason I started this blog …

Happy Memory Surfing …


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