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The Last Day of February…

February 28, 2011

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Ahhhh…the last day of February.

Thank.  The. Lord.

Let’s be real.  This is the time of the year when even the most avid ‘I love the change of the seasons’ peeps want to hibernate, and we all get sick.  Too tired of wearing hats, winter coats, boots, pre-heating the car for 15 minutes before we get in it.  It all gets a little tiresome come the last day of February, so we get lackadaisical and end up with disgusting sicknesses.  My family is no different.  Right now, yogurt is our Pepto …hey …don’t knock it ’till you try it.

Think about it.  When the sun comes out and the outside thermometer reads 3o or above, the spring coats come out.  The same forecast in January?  We’re not venturing out without the down puffy coat.  I’m constantly reminded of how pre-mature my Spring fever is by the frozen lake at the end of my street.  Just in case I get the urge to start looking for green shoots of life popping up through the ground, Mother Erie stands there to greet me with 10 foot chunks of busted up ice chunks to remind me that it’s still February.

...still frozen...

Frozen Mother Erie

The stores don’t help either.  Do you know that if you happen to wait until February to buy a winter boots you cannot just go out and buy another pair!  You’re left to squeeze your growing child’s foot in until they return to the stores in August.  The flip-flops are on the end cap at Target but we’re in the middle of an ice storm.

Flip flops on the end cap in February remind me how many snowbirds are down in Florida, and how many of my friends from college actually moved South like I planned to. While they are surrounded by blue water and palm trees, I’m looking out my window wondering if I should call the power company before that freshly cracked limb falls on the wires.  I’m usually not this salty about where I live.  I do love The Land …it’s just been way too long since I’ve hugged a palm tree.

Last day of February …I salute you. Buh-bye. 

St. Pat’s Day is coming …will we be slathering on SPF or scraping snow off the windshields? Who. Even. Knows. 

But we’re one step closer to Sunny and 80…

Happy Monday:)

Wow! The very beginning of Sunny&80. The first post. It’s amazing to see what God has done in my life and with this blog. Fresh on the facebook scene, I remember the feelings of frustration I felt watching old friends live in the warm places I longed to relocate to. Since this post, my parents have relocated to a permanent background of palm trees, too. And my brother. In fact, I’m the last of Five Alive still residing in The Land. But I’m not frustrated about it anymore. Though the angst to leave rises up now and again, I have learned to defer the urge to move for more of God wherever I’m at. Joy in the journey. He’s not a God of coincidence, so I know I’ve been placed purposefully …and I won’t miss a move if I’m focused on Jesus. There is great peace in working hard with what He’s given us, loving the people in our lives well, and watching expectantly for Him to meet us there and make a move …

I hope I’ve been able to pass along the encouragement and love He’s shown me through Sunny &80. This blog is a record of the life I’ve lived. It’s my prayer you see Jesus through it …because He’s been with me every word of the way. 


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