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The Skinny Jeans

March 11, 2011

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Available on Amazon.

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Rain.  Is it worse than snow?  Yes.  Until March.  When you’re tired of avoiding your morning run for fear of falling on snow and ice and opt for dripping wet instead.  Come to think of it, rain has caused a little shift in my lane of logic in recent months.

See, I have this thing.

Although once obsessed in my youth about my pants being ‘flared’ and ‘long’ enough to cover all but the toe of my shoe…even when sitting down…, the grown up version of myself has just about chucked it all together.  Rainy days like this remind me why.  Wet feet suck, but not as much as wet pants that get your butt all wet when you sit down on your foot…and your floor all gross…and your furniture all damp…you get the picture, right?

It really bothers me.

Enter, rain boots. 

Honestly, one of the top 5 best inventions of all time…not to mention how fashionable they are…strike that…can be. For a while, I reveled in my spectacularly dry feet, proudly breaking out my snazzy rain boots every time it sprinkled…and after hard rains…and sometimes in the snow…to shovel the driveway…

Until one day, I caught a glance of myself in a department store mirror (who am I kidding…it was most likely Target), and noticed my cartoon-ish boot-cut jeans trying to escape from my rain-boots.  Ugh.  I hate those kind of reality checks.  I crammed the jeans back in the rain boots the best I could while my hungry toddler impatiently pulled on my arm to scan the toy-aisle, and moved on. The jeans popped back out within the first 5 steps.  I could no longer enjoy my rain boots.

Enter, skinny jeans.  Thank you, Lauren Conrad, for Style. After reading it , I said to myself, “Screw it.  Yes, I just had my second kid.  No, I’m not in the shape of my life…but I’m not that atrocious…plus I really want fashionably dry feet in the rain!!!”

Now, as a mom of two kids I do have to reality check myself when I buy clothes sometimes.  Example…just because I CAN fit into the low-rise jeans that are on sale (who am I kidding…clearance) doesn’t necessarily mean I SHOULD wear them.  So, the skinny jeans worried me a little.

Going for it anyway, I once again reveled in the majesty of my gloriously dry…and now fashionable…feet.  To compromise with my post-childbirth confidence, I pair the skinny jeans with long sweaters and button downs.  So far, so good.

Believe me, I’m aware of the world I live in, but I seriously got nervous the first time I went out in public in my rain-boot/skinny jean combo.  As if anyone even cares if I’m not the ideal figure to maximize the outfit’s potential.  I quickly realized…no one cares.  At least not in this neck of the woods…I mean, at least not in earshot, right?  Golden. Even if they did care…I’m 31 (I just had to use a calculator to remember…ugh) with 2 kids.  What do I care, anyway?

This quickly led to more than rain boots…I door busted flats…and winter boots…and for the summer (which will get here eventually…right???), sandals…those friggin’ rain-boots have inspired a wardrobe a makeover.  Which may sound ridiculous unless you just got done wearing maternity clothes for 20 months out of the last 3 years.

Thank you skinny jeans.

Thank you LC (no, not my 8 month old…the fab chica she was named after).

Thank you rain-boots.

Thank you rain.

Rain always looks so dreary and uninviting. However, had I avoided it all together I never would have had my own personal fashion revelation.  I believe there’s something to be said for that.

Now if I could only run in my rain boots…

…I hate how my toes instantly freeze the first puddle I run through…

…what if I tried to spray water-proofing stuff on my running shoes…

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