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March 27, 2012

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Available on Amazon.

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There certain moments in life that warrant a permanent mark.

Today is one of them.

My daughters are sisters.  Two years a part, they get along 90% of the time.  The other 10% consists of “MOM!  Lauren is looking at me!  She’s seriously LOOKING AT ME!  MOM MAKE HER STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!!!,’ from Brianne…and a lot of “MOM!!!  BRI BRI is took book…my book!  Mooooooooommmmmmmmmm!  Bri Bri is …….,’ from Lo as she trails off down the hall.  I can totally wait to fully understand the scope of what Lauren is tattling on Brianne for.  When that one year old can talk in full sentences…it’s going to be a bit of a war that 10% of the time at the Bucher house.

Although they co-exist amongst the same sibling rivalry sister’s have for years, they love each other 100% of the time.  They stick up for each other when I discipline one of them…which makes that interesting….they give each other hugs, read each other books, imagine together and create masterpieces of art together.  But what fascinates me most is their innate ability to want to encourage each other.

I’ve always got an ear focused on what they are doing…and always hear some rendition of, “Come on, Lo Lo!  You can do it,” from Brianne, or “Come on!  Come on, Bri Bri!  Good Job!” from Lo.

The two of them always remind me of my sister and I.  I remember us as kids like that.  Going through life together…imagining what we’d become as we played through our childhood, and supporting each other as we grew into our dreams in adulthood.  Me, I always wanted to be a Mom.  When my first child was born, my sister moved into my house for a week…helping me foster my dream of being a Mother…experiencing those first moments with me. I’ll never forget how much it meant to have her there.

My sister’s dream is music.  Always has been.  Throughout high school, college, her career…it’s led her all the way.  I think she probably dreamed in music notes as a child.  Being her older sister automatically makes me her biggest fan.  And just as she got to watch my dream of being a mom come true, I now get to watch her dream become reality as well.

Today, she and her husband Drew released his first music video.

Colleen and Drew, both professional dueling piano players and solo artists, are not just passionate about their music.  They are brilliantly perfecting their craft.  I challenge you to find a piano player in the world better than Drew.  And I doubt, in listening to their music, you will fail to be moved out of your chair…or frozen to it.

For those of you reading this that know my sister, I’m proud to be sharing this awesome moment with you.  All the hard work, and all the shows we’ve all been to in support and love for her over her lifetime are coming to fruition.  And for those of you who have never met Colleen, or perhaps even me, I am honored to introduce her to you.

Drew and Colleen have proved, not only that love conquers all (they’ll have to share their love story with you sometime…lol), but that so does music.  And their passion for their craft is evident in every note they sing.  For many, music is how we relate to each other.  How we share emotions that cannot be put into words, but rather are more beautifully displayed -and understood- befriended by a melody. A lot of hard work went into producing the visual masterpiece to accompany this one in particular…and I hope it moves everyone that sees it the way it moved me.

My daughters already support each other.  I’d like to think that Colleen and I have set a good example for them to follow.  It comes naturally to them.  It does, and always has, for Colleen and I, as well.  No matter what we go through or happen to disagree about in life, we will never not be able to be supportive of each other.  It’s just what we do.  It’s what sisters do.  So…watch this.

Happy Moving…



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